The Book is Here!

As promised I have uploaded the second edition of the Upstate Book Project 2.0  and the first edition will no longer be available. Here is the link to order your copy.

The reception was a blast!! Thanks to all of the participating artists, our UBP 2.0 team and the city of Spartanburg for coming out and supporting this project. It was packed. We sold over 100 books! That’s a lot of local art in the hands of the masses. We would also like to thank The Hub City Tap House, The Nu Way Restaurant, CCC, and The Farmers Table for their sponsorship as well.  Also check our Facebook Page for other happenings and updates on UBP 3.0.


ubp 6
Jim & Bailie hang the show.
ubp 5
Our very own beer for the project.

ubp 2

2017-04-08 08.01.04
So big it wouldn’t fit in the frame.

2017-04-08 06.16.042017-04-08 05.51.152017-04-08 05.39.04

2017-04-08 05.38.40
The food was awesome.
2017-04-08 03.48.45
Jim & Colby wrestle the UBP 2.0 beer into place.
2017-04-08 04.04.05
Thank God Jim has math skills.
2017-04-08 05.03.08
How many art shows have cornhole?
2017-04-08 05.31.45
Jim, Charlotte, Chris, Thomas and a few others.
2017-04-08 05.48.15
Autographing the books.

2017-04-08 05.51.202017-04-08 06.30.11

2017-04-08 02.18.54
The layout.
2017-04-08 02.19.11
Setting up.

2017-04-08 02.19.52

2017-04-08 03.49.28
Hanging the exhibit.

2017-04-08 04.00.372017-04-08 04.01.252017-04-08 04.03.242017-04-08 04.04.59

2017-04-08 05.47.56
People start to show up.

2017-04-08 05.51.03

2017-04-08 05.51.20
And more people…
2017-04-08 06.16.08
and more people…

2017-04-08 06.29.572017-04-08 06.30.012017-04-08 06.30.11

2017-04-08 08.01.13
The rest of it.



Book cover jpeg


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