Q: Do I need an idea for the story?

A: No, the story will develop itself in a (up to) 200 word paragraph submitted by each artist separate from their artwork.


Q: Who will see this?

A: Potentially anyone. Since the book will be available for sale through the internet, anyone in the world will be able to order this book.


Q: Will I get credit for this, and can I use this in my portfolio?

A: Absolutely. All artists will receive credit for their work including name, medium, and contact information in the “credits” section of the book.


Q: Why do I have to release rights to The Upstate Book Project?

A: Most likely this project will remain regional and not spread farther than a 3 state area; however; In order for us to sell the book, we need a release form on file. We only retain rights to reproduce your work in this project.


Q:Will I retain rights to my artwork?

A: Absolutely. Selling the original and/or reproductions of your own work will not be in violation of this contract. You may sell your original and any images of your submitted artwork.  We only retain royalty-free rights from the artist to reproduce images in The Upstate Book Project and its promotions.


Q: Can I change the image of the character?

A: Yes. You will be able to do your own interpretation of any and all characters in the story. We encourage it.


Q: Will I see the image before mine?

A: No, you will only have the storyline up to your page. The first visual image will be available at The Upstate Book Project.com The concept behind the project is to see the artists’ creativity develop as a whole.


Q: Will there be a reception and exhibit?

A: Yes. The exhibit will be at Hub City Tap House, in Spartanburg with a reception TBA.  Artists are encouraged to not only attend but to invite others to the reception. Artists are also encouraged to sign their page for attending guests.


Q: Can I apply online?

A: Yes. That option is available on the “Call for Artists” page on the website at theupstatebookproject.com


Q: Can I print the necessary documents from the website?

A: Yes. The release form and the application page may be printed from the website (theupstatebookproject.com) by clicking on the “click here” link. Just click on “File” and then “Print”.

Q: Will I be able to start my artwork ahead of time?

A: No. Because the art has to fit the storyline and you will not know where in the story you are until you receive the previous page(s). You may begin the art as soon as you submit your storyline.


Q: Why can’t my artwork be under glass?

A; All artwork will be professionally photographed for the book and glass presents lighting and glare problems.


Q: What if my written entry exceeds 200 words by only a few words?

A: The judges have the option to either edit the content or accept the extra few words based on their contribution to the storyline.


Q: What if I finish my storyline early?

A: Then submit it to theupstatebookproject@gmail.com and start working on your art submission.


Q: Will my story be edited?

A:No, only for content such as cursing, grammar, punctuation, etc. The idea is to let the story develop through each artist’s eyes.


Q: May I sell my artwork?

A: Absolutely. No commission will be charged. Sales are between the artist and the buyer.


Other questions may be directed to theupstatebookproject@gmail.com. Inquiries will be promptly answered.