It’s On! Here are the Accepted Artists

The first email has been sent. So now it begins.

Thad Troxell

Ethan Peeler

Patty Wright

Rich Ponder

Arrielle Adornetto

Travis Galloway,

Jason Hiltabiddle

Greyson Strawn

Joanna Mullins Darwin

Adam Duncan

Thomas Koenig

Linda Capracatta

Kris Inman

Jonathan Swift

Charlotte Babb

John Welter

Annette Giaco

Doris Turner

Chris Harwick

Joan Wheatley


The Story Begins



Seven was a special kid, not like the other children; cavalier in thinking but shy in action. Coming from the lower side of the tracks, Seven was not well-off, or popular, and poorly dressed to boot.  On a lonely stroll through the train yards one day, looking for a match to a single roller skate, Seven came across a bundle of canvas bags laying half-covered on the ground by the train tunnel. Curiosity arising within, Seven discovered the bags were filled with old money from the 1920’s. Vaguely remembering the long ago heist from the Bank of Salem, Seven realized that crime was never solved.

“How cool is this!! Or is it?” thought Seven. “I could become somebody with this money. I could go to private school.  I could … Wait! I can’t do any of that. Even if I was very discreet, everyone would notice when I showed up with anything new, especially clothes.  A skate to match my single one would be a red flag. Just going to the movies would be noticed. I have the keys to the kingdom, but I can’t walk through the gates. What should I do with this money?”


The Upstate Book Project 2.0


So, almost five years  later I have decided to do the project again. With that said,  I called the usual suspects; Jim to help me with the major issues, Ian to photograph the work, Steve to edit and promote, and Susan for outreach and connectivity. I also brought in Nikki to handle a few updated technologies. All were on board with version 2.0 of the project. Technology has advanced a lot in five years, thus calling for an updated approach to several aspects. Just like last time, we are having regular working lunches to try to pull this together by October 1st. It’s a good thing I kept the mainframe and Google Docs from the original, because the first time around it took us almost two years to put it together. Right now we are on schedule for launch! We hope to make it even bigger and better this time with the help of the many talented artists we have in the upstate area. As you can read in the following link, it is an awesome project that connects multiple artists with multiple mediums into one innovative, illustrated story. This time the public will have something to reference, since obviously it had not been done before (or rather we could not find evidence of it). Also, we have included a link to the first project so would-be participants can get a better idea of what is expected. All inquiries should be directed to


So let the creativity begin as we roll out The Upstate Book Project 2.0.  What will YOU contribute?